Pre-Construction Services

Henry Carlson Company Construction Services - Pre-Construction Services

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Developing a close working relationship between you, the design team and HCC construction managers as the beginning step of your project is vital to clearly establish expectations and goals. Our process will evaluate the aesthetic and functional as well as the cost and schedule implications of all design options being considered. Early in the design process, we work to help establish the cost of design options, identify important project components and collectively see their integration into the completed project. Our focus becomes one of systematic value analysis during design instead of after the project bids.

Our Pre-Construction Services include:

  • Partnering – Gain team understanding of responsibilities
  • Site investigations – Confirm existing conditions
  • Master schedule – Develop overall team schedule
  • Mobilization planning – Determine who goes where and when
  • Staging plan – Determine what goes where and when
  • Design and MEP reviews – Evaluate evolving concepts and coordinate MEP
  • Budget validation – Confirmation of costs
  • Confirm material usage – Verify availability, quality, quantity and delivery
  • Value analysis – Identify equal/greater value at less/equal cost
  • Constructibility reviews/BIM (Building Information Modeling) – Determine ease and speed of building; details that fit and work
  • Permits and approvals – Assist in acquiring permits
  • Detailed project schedules – Map the sequence and timing of events
  • Long-lead procurement – Obtain materials and/or equipment when needed
  • Quality assurance – Set forth quality standards for materials and labor
  • Subcontractor development – Merchandise your project to the marketplace
  • Bidder prequalification – Assure quality firm involvement
  • Bid solicitation – Develop subcontractor awareness
  • Prebid conference – Further subcontractor interest
  • Bid analysis – Evaluate bids
  • GMP – Provide guaranteed maximum price

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