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After over a century of construction experience and history, Henry Carlson Construction projects are visible on most city blocks and in small towns throughout South Dakota and the Midwest.

From healthcare and manufacturing to commercial, retail, education and sports and recreation facilities, we proudly stand behind every one of our many completed construction projects. We look forward to building confidence and the future of our communities for generations to come.

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Safety is a vital part of all our projects

Safety for workers and everyone else around is one of the most important aspects of any project. Henry Carlson takes a proactive approach from day one of the design process through completion.

Firstly, pre-planning/training meetings are held before each phase of work begins. This ensures that all personnel involved are trained in the operation, practices, methods and equipment that will be used. Furthermore, full documentation of the training is maintained. Enforcement policies are in place as a part of all subcontracts issued. Our superintendents perform daily safety inspections, while holding weekly safety meetings with all trades and hold monthly all-trades safety meetings to make sure everyone is functioning as a unit to identify concerns observed during project construction. In addition, our risk manager conducts walk-throughs and a copy of his report is forwarded to all subcontractors. These reports may be included in our monthly progress report to the owner.

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"I am reaching out to you to express my gratitude to HCC and Jim Smith for their support during one of my projects, the Brookings RTO Media Renewal. One of our other contractors we had lined up for this work had left site prematurely and put 3M in quite the predicament. Jim and his team stepped up and helped us pull through. Completion of this project was of critical importance to the plant and with help from HCC, were able to get the RTO back up and operational without affecting normal business operations."
Max Reagen, Advanced Resident Division Engineer, 3M Brookings