Delivery Methods


Flexible and dependable

Henry Carlson Construction offers a variety of construction methods to fit your needs. We’re happy to discuss what works best for you, and to develop a personalized construction plan that answers your needs. 

HCC project delivery methods Include:

1. Construction Manager at Risk

85% of the projects that we build use this delivery method. This is an alternative procurement process in which the Construction Manager holds the risk. The manager sublets the construction work to trade subcontractors and guarantees the completion of the project for a fixed, negotiated price (GMP) following completion of the design. The Manager also provides advisory assistance to the owner and design team prior to construction. This can include offering schedule, budget and construction advice during the pre-construction phase.

2. Design/Build 

This project delivery system appoints a single entity as contractually responsible for the design and construction of the project. Advantages of this approach to the owner include having a single contract and responsibility. In addition, with Design/Build, the designer and contractor work in collaboration which can often save time. A Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) can be established early on in the design phase.

3. Competitive Bid

The traditional design, bid, build model still functions very well as a construction services delivery system. This process includes skilled estimating, securing responsible and competitive subcontractors and establishing responsible and fair fees. Henry Carlson has an excellent relationship with regional subcontractors. HCC selects those Subcontractors best suited for the project.

4. Fast Track Construction

The Fast-track, or phased, project model means construction begins as soon as a portion of the design is complete an approved, rather than waiting for completion of the entire design of the project. Projects are completed sooner for the use and benefit of the owner, while reducing construction costs.

5. Cost Plus Fee (Guaranteed Maximum Price)

This agreement allows the contractor to be reimbursed for the actual cost of construction plus a negotiated fixed percentage fee or lump sum. The contractor guarantees that the agreed-upon price will not be exceeded. In addition, any additional costs above the guaranteed maximum price are borne by the contractor. If costs are lower than the guaranteed maximum price, savings can be shared between the owner and contractor at a predetermined percentage.

6. Construction Manager (Agent)

Using this arrangement, Henry Carlson Construction acts as the agent for the Owner, providing project delivery analysis, project management planning, cost and schedule management and contract administration. This allows the owner to take advantage of a variety of alternative construction contracting methods and to choose the method that best achieves project objectives.

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"The remodeling team was very organized and did a nice job of staying on schedule. Karla and the rest did an awesome job and made this remodel experience an excellent one. No one was really stressed and the patient experience was great."
Cheryl Morgan Patient Access Supervisor, Sanford Dermatology