Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Henry Carlson Construction employs a full-time BIM coordinator. We utilize electronic 3D building models for many purposes. These models are used for constructability reviews, cost studies, 4D schedules and site utilization plans. Probably the most powerful use of this technology is the BIM coordination process, otherwise known as clash detection. In this process all major building components and systems are merged into one model. Navisworks software identifies all “clashes”, anywhere in the building where two components are trying to take up the same space. For example, on many projects, hours, days and sometimes even weeks can be lost due to an HVAC duct that is delivered to the jobsite and ready to install only to find that it conflicts with a steel beam, a concrete column or a roof drain. The installer not only loses time on the schedule, they also have to rebuild the duct to make if fit.

Utilizing the BIM coordination process allows us to find clashes on our model months before they would otherwise become a problem on our jobsite. Our team is able to find solutions long before materials are fabricated and delivered to the jobsite. This greatly reduces lost time, rework expense, and allows our subcontractor to pre-fabricate materials off-site. As a result, our project costs are lower and our schedules are more efficient.

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"Many thanks to each of YOU, and others on the Confluence and Henry Carlson Company TEAMs, for your community vision, sincere kindness, and generous assistance, in bringing the arts alive with the installation of the city-owned sculpture, “Flower Dancing in the Wind”, in the newly renovated Paladino Hohm Sculpture Garden at the Washington Pavilion. The garden landscape renovations, increased public visibility and accessibility, along with the added sculptures, are marvelous. Indeed, the Paladino Sculpture Garden is a creative space that has become a destination place in Sioux Falls! "
Russ Sorenson, Urban Planner, City of Sioux Falls