New parking garage at SF airport to open in September

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — At Sioux Falls Regional Airport, a new four-level garage is among the arrivals.

“We would love for people to use the new parking garage when it is open, still kind of slated for that mid-September time frame,” executive director Dan Letellier said.

“They’re still making really good progress,” Letellier said. “A lot of the attention is on the skyway and then the terminal addition right behind me.”

This airport looks a lot different these days, and its executive director enjoys the view.

“It’s been really exciting to see,” Letellier said. “We knew the parking garage was going to be a fairly dominant feature in front of the terminal building, but I mean it really is surprising when you drive up to the airport and see this large new structure.” View the Story on Keloland.