Kangaroo hide and seek for Sanford castle patients

There’s a game of hide and seek going on at Sanford Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls.

There’s something hiding in the construction site just outside of the hospital.

“Kind of a Where’s Waldo type of thing,” Henry Carlson Construction project manager James McMahon said.

It’s Kirk the Kangaroo.

The smiley figure is hidden in different areas around the future Sanford Orthopedic Hospital, so young patients can spot him from inside the castle.

We followed along with 7-year-old patient Saige, who looked out a hospital window to find the kangaroo.

She and her sister spotted Kirk in a lift right away.

A physical therapist came up with this idea, and Sanford’s Kirk Ellington created him.

“Anything you can do to make a kid, especially sick kid’s life better, even for just a few minutes or a few hours, it’s a good thing,” Sanford supervisor for large format printing Kirk Ellington said.

Contractor Henry Carlson Construction and sub contractors hide the kangaroo around the construction site.

Not only does the kangaroo get kids out of bed and moving, but it may also make the days just a little bit better.

“There’s tons of challenging stories here, so seeing the kids go in and out, being able to brighten their day means a big difference to us,” McMahon said.