Sanford Campus Drone Footage

Take a look at the incredible progress being made at the Sanford Health campus with our drone footage by Starhaven Media! We love the view he was able to capture of the two tower cranes working hard at the Sanford MB1 and Sanford Ortho jobsites. It’s an impressive sight to see! 
Crane facts:
Ortho Tower Crane – the Liebherr 550 hc 20 model, with a maximum capacity of 43,120 lbs at 66′ and 7,720lbs at the tip at 265′. Standing tall at 190′ to the seat.
MB1 Tower Crane, also a Liebherr 550 model, has 44,000 lbs capacity out to 90′ and 10,000 lbs at the tip, with 250′ of boom and a height of about 170′ to the boom.