L.G. Everist Preps East Sioux Quarry

With one year of production and sales in the books, the L.G. Everist’s (LGE) East Sioux Quarry plant in South Dakota is going through some major repairs and improvements to its site, according to the company. LGE stated that 2020 was a year of learning how operations ran previously and implementing LGE production standards and procedures. 

East Sioux Quarry is a complicated operation with a lot of moving parts. The site sits on approximately 245 acres in Rowena, S.D., where quartzite products and washed concrete sand are produced seasonally. 

The East Sioux Quarry team is led by Mike Dahler, the plant superintendent, along with Dayton Sneve and Pat Nelson who are working foremen. Sneve covers the secondary plant and drilling. Nelson manages the primary and sand plant operations. “As a team we analyzed all areas of the site determining where improvements could be made for the upcoming 2021 season,” the company stated.

Knowing that there was a considerable amount of work that was needed, this group tackled it head-on. The existing wash plant was aged and undersized to handle future sales, so a new wash plant and all the components that come with it were approved and designed. 

Henry Carlson was contracted for the project and has been on-site prepping the area for concrete. ArcFab is building the structure and new equipment is on the way from other vendors.

At the primary and main plant areas, all the motors, gearboxes, feeders, screens, jaw and the majority of conveyor belts have been removed for repairs or replacement. A preventative program will be set up to assure this equipment operates well into the future. Read the story here.