Sanford Christmas Trees 2020

The tradition continues! Henry Carlson Company’s shop employees and Sanford Health’s maintenance crew cut down two Christmas trees for Sanford Hospital Monday. We cut the first tree outside of Valley Springs. The second tree came from Sanford’s Stevens Center.

The first tree was transported to Children’s Hospital and the other tree was moved to the main entrance of the hospital. The Children’s Hospital tree will be lit during the Christmas at the Castle Event sponsored by Henry Carlson Construction. The event will be held December 1st at 6:00 PM.

Thank you to Greg Mohr for coordinating. Also thank you to the following shop employees: Duane Dangle, Jim Richarz, Matt Thomas and Bruce Tull. Also thank you to our crane operators: Jesse Worthley and Mike Bickett.

Thank you to Sanford’s maintenance crew for helping again this year! And finally, thank you Sioux Falls Police for your escort through Sioux Falls to the hospital. Running the red lights was pretty fun!