KDLT News on the NSU Campus

Simon Floss with KDLT News visited Northern State University to see the construction projects on the campus. The Jewett Regional Science Education Center was featured as part of their coverage.

Northern State University is in the middle of upgrading their campus through the ‘Educational Impact Campaign.’ It’s part of a larger ‘Campus Master Plan,’ geared to revamp the entire school.

$125 million dollars are being poured into the renovations, all paid for by outside donors.

Older buildings are getting a face-lift, and new buildings are being built. A new sports complex, a school for the blind, and a new science center are three of the bigger projects.

Organizers say these upgrades are for every student.

“We want to make sure that we have first class facilities. We’re teaching first class programs, offered by our amazing faculty and staff. We want to make sure that we’re unleashing the potential of our students that come here to Northern,” said Director of Communication and Marketing Justin Fraase.

The sports complex is expected to be completed by fall of 2021, and the new science center will be open by fall of 2019.

Check out the videos on the KDLT website.