Minnehaha County Jail featured in Correctional News

Sure, the name “Minnehaha” sounds like it should mean “a small chuckle,” but the county’s $40 million Minnehaha County Jail expansion in Sioux Falls is no laughing matter. Just ask JE Dunn Construction, which has been selected to manage the construction of the project. The national family- and employee-owned company has partnered with its frequent local collaborator, Henry Carlson Construction, to bring the expansion to fruition.

As previously reported in Correctional News, efforts to expand the over-capacity facility have been continuing for years. Though county leaders had originally sought to add 400 maximum-security beds to the facility, county programs and incarceration alternatives have helped decrease that number. That said, the jail continues to complete between 18,000 and 20,000 bookings per annum.

“JE Dunn is pleased to work with Henry Carlson Construction, JLG Architects and BWBR on Minnehaha County’s safety mission,” said Senior Project Manager Marc Mellmer in a statement. Read more.