Rest Area

Valley Springs Rest Area Facility and Welcome Center

The facility is envisioned as a single story structure of approximately 6,000 square foot in size intended to expand the  existing rest area structure. Building shall encompass approximately 2 […]

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Valley Springs Rest Area Facility and Welcome Center
"It is indeed a pleasure to be able to recommend Henry Carlson companies. The Madison Central School District contracted with them for our recent renovation project of the Madison High School. Their services were invaluable to us as they served as a construction manager at risk for the project. The management of the construction project by Henry Carlson and especially Eric Bender was fantastic. They kept the project on target and actually were able to accelerate and reduce the total amount of time for construction. They did an awesome job of supervising various subcontractors to ensure that the quality of work was something that we would be proud of."
Tom Farrell, President of the Madison Central School District